Book Recs

Arcana Rising

I’ve long been a fan of Kresley’s writing. And after I met her, I became a huge fan of her as a person, too. She’s sweet, charming, and sassy. And her books are just like her! (Minus the sweet. These books are HOT.) Kresley Cole took the tame writing usually found in YA and spiced it up, Cajun-style. And ooh, boy does it work. Also, #TeamDeath

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If you love dark reads, you need this book. Seriously. It was amazing. I couldn’t put it down. E.S. Carter did a fan-freaking-tasticĀ job with this story, and I think it’s a must read book for this year!

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This book is funny, cute, and real all at the same time. The relationships between the characters, and the depiction of life after marriage and kids it so spot-on I’m kinda worried the authors stuck a camera in my house, haha. I lovedĀ this book, and I know you will too!

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